Thats me

Some Lines about me


I`m 40 Years old & married. we have  2 Childrens


My Location in switzerland is close to THUN.


I have startet with CB-Radio 1995. My first Tranceiver was a Lucky Star with 40 Channels FM only. The first DX was a Packet Radio QSO 1997 with a Station in East Germany.


This time i think =>   600km WOW !!!!  That was a great experience !!


Around 1 month later i do my first „real DX QSO“ with a Station in Berlin. But the QSO that made me finally to a DX Fan was 1998 in FM Mode on Channel 31 with 93RC103 Doris (Big thanks Doris).


In the middle of 1999, after a lot of SWL and reading in some books (who is who)  i startet with DXing on SSB most of the Time on 26Mhz.

First TRX i use was a Superstar3900 and President Lincoln. Very hard to work some Activations who use Split. But around 2000 i got my best Station setup so far


 TRX - Alinco DX 77 

 ANT - 4 EL Yagi & 1/2 vertikal 

 Amplifire  Zetagi BV2001 


Worked some nice DXCC like 140, 202, 341, 224,  266, 265, 144, 17 etc


Now (2015) more than 10 Years later i have more as 250 DXCC worked & near to 245 DXCC confirmed and also some IOTA & /MM  in my Collection.


My QTH is not the best in Switzerland, surround of Mountains with 2000m NN and more, hard to made a nice QSO outside EU. 

It`s take a bit more time to be portable ;)


Since Februar 2015 i have also the "Job" as IR Group President for the 11m Section

It makes me happy, to have contacts and chats  with peoples around the World.




 73 de Adrian 15IR106

Ps: stupid pic sry :)


Station Info 

My "New"  Station Setup is not really great ^^ 


 Yaesu FT-1000 MP  with A-99  

i don`t use any Amplifire  just 100w from my Yaesu




Some Card of my Collection